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Visitation to Resume for Second, Third and Fourth Floor Residents at Lewis County Residential Health Care Facility May 5


Published: May 04, 2021 at 06:45 p.m.

By: Nick Altmire


The Lewis County Residential Health Care Facility will resume in-person visits on Wednesday, May 5, for residents of the second, third and fourth floors at the facility.


Visitation was suspended on April 27, following an outbreak of scabies cases on the first floor.


A Broadblast notice issued to family members this evening notes that the facility has completed treatment for scabies on all residents in the facility, and no cases of scabies have been identified on the second, third, or fourth floors, allowing normal visitation to those floors to resume on Wednesday.


Although there have not been any new cases identified, first-floor residents required treatment a second time and will

continue to be monitored for resolution of symptoms. This means that the first floor will not be able to reopen for in-person visits until Friday, May 7th. First-floor family members will be notified via Broadblast when the floor reopens

for in-person visitation.


No appointments are needed to visit. Visitors must sign in and out when they visit and follow the core principles of COVID-19 infection prevention. This includes maintaining six feet of social distancing, hand washing and sanitizing, and wearing a facility-issued face mask. If visitors do not follow the core principles, they will be asked to leave the facility.


The facility additionally reports that no new COVID-19 cases have been detected amongst residents or staff.











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