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Obituary: Timothy W. Pierce Sr., 45, Lowville


Published: January 21, 2024

By: Provided by Iseneker Funeral Home


Timothy W. Pierce Sr.


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Description automatically generatedLOWVILLE- Timothy Wile Pierce Sr., 45, of Lowville, NY, passed away on Wednesday evening, January 17th, at his home, under the love and care of his family and Lewis County Hospice.


He is survived by his wife of 22 years, Sally, and their seven children; Janelle C. and husband Jacob Stanford, Timothy W. Pierce Jr., Charles D. Pierce, Elizabeth M. Pierce, Mary L. Pierce, Olivia L. Pierce, and Sarah L. Pierce; His father, Daniel Pierce; his siblings; Eugene Pierce of Ohio; Helen and Husband Fredy Caballero and their two children of Kentucky, Ashley Sanders of South Carolina.  He is predeceased by their three miscarried babies; Jamie, Quinn, and Linnea; and his mother, Mary Alice Pierce.


Tim was born on July 2, 1978, in Lancaster, PA, a son of Daniel and Mary Alice (Wile) Pierce.


He attended Crystal Light Mennonite school in Castorland, NY.


He and Sally were married on December 22, 2001.


Tim’s family moved to New York when he was two years old, and he has lived in Lewis County ever since. He loved this county, this community, and the small-town atmosphere. Even though he was technically a “transplant”, as folks around here call the non-natives, he was one of the few who were able to completely shake that title and he became a very well-known, loved, and respected insider of this small-town family.  With Tim’s passing, Lewis County has lost one of its very finest of men.


As a child and teen, Tim developed an interest in construction as well as the maple industry.  He began to pursue maple syrup production from the time he was twelve…and dabbled in the industry even earlier than that when he went along with his family to visit or help at other local sugarbushes.  Over the past three decades, Tim’s love for the sugarbush grew into a passion, and his family worked alongside him as he grew in that industry in various ways, and under different owners.  He began his pursuit to become a master sugar-maker as a young teen, having tapped seven trees (ten taps total) on his family’s property. Their sap holding tank was an old claw foot tub, and they made two and a half gallons of finished product that year.  At the time of his passing, we were at about 12,500 taps, producing about 4,000 gallons of maple syrup per year.  Our plan was, and continues to be, to continue growing that business. At his passing, we were in the process of buying out our other partners in the Maple business and rebranding, with plans for our family to continue the business at some capacity, as sole owners, and operating as Heritage Maple Grove.


Tim worked with different construction crews throughout his teen years, and then in January of 2002 Tim partnered with his father in Cedarcrest Construction and they became an LLC, and began growing the company.  Several years ago, Tim bought out his father’s share of the construction company, at which point his father went on payroll as an employee, and Tim continued to grow the company.  This entire community has been touched by his work and the work of his crew.  He will forever be part of the lives of this entire community, partly because whether private residential jobs or commercial work at local businesses like Nolt’s Country Store, or community buildings like the Courthouse, or fairgrounds, you could hardly drive a mile in this community without passing by his fingerprints all over this county.


Far more important to him than his life’s work, were the relationships that he built throughout the entire community.  He valued and loved people and relationships.  No matter where he went, or what he was up to, he touched people’s lives in a positive and memorable way.  He always had such an optimistic personality and he loved to have fun.  He could be quite mischievous too! Sometimes, he would do crazy, silly things just to get a rise out of people.  Those who were close to him have all kinds of stories to tell of his antics.  He found such joy and adventure in everyday life.  His love for life was contagious.  His steadfastness was inspiring.  His character called others to rise up.  He was indeed a very good man.


Tim was a man like no other, for sure.  He was a man of the utmost character and integrity.  If you look up 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 you could replace the word “Love” with “Tim” and the passage would still read true.  Tim was a consistent and steadfast example of love.  In his private life, in his family life, in his business life, in his social life…in his entire life.  We know that God is Love, and Tim was a faithful witness of God every day, because of how he regularly lived out true Biblical love.


Tim, also affectionately known as Abraham (because he has so many children.  Abraham means “father of many”) was a solid example of what every husband and father should be, of how to run companies that honor God, of how to balance family/work/social life.  He was a gentle and loving husband and dedicated father.  He truly never got ruffled.  When things would go crazy wrong, he would make it an adventure rather than becoming miserable and short-tempered, and he would include the family in the solutions to almost everything that came up.  In doing so he was an example of how to navigate the negative, as well as how to cheerfully and creatively achieve resolution.  What a gift to his wife and children that he was literally always super chill, kind, fun, engaging, supportive, and loving.  No matter what.


Tim was a doer, not just a dreamer.  He, together with his family, chased after many dreams and adventures and built a beautiful and fulfilling life together.


He requested that we let you all know that he absolutely loved the life he lived and that he died a very fulfilled and blessed man.  He wanted you to know that he was thankful for the part that each of you had in his life and that he wishes for his family and friends to remember him with gladness and fondness, rather than deep mourning.  He wanted all of us to find comfort in knowing that while he expressed deep sadness to be missing out on our family’s future, he was very much at peace.


Calling hours will be from 2:00-4:00 p.m. & 6:00-8:00 p.m. on Friday February 2, 2024 and 9:30 to 10:45 a.m. on Saturday, February 3, 2024 at Croghan Mennonite Church.  The funeral will be at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, February 3, 2024 at Croghan Mennonite Church.  In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to help with funeral expenses by clicking on the donate button on Tim’s obituary at www.isenekerfuneralhome.com, or by mail at Iseneker Funeral Home, Inc., 5702 Waters Road, Lowville, NY 13367.    Please consider helping Tim’s family during their time of need.


Condolences may be shared with Tim’s family at www.isenekerfuneralhome.com.








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