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BOCES Sackett Technical Center Announces Students of the Quarter and Honor and Merit Roll Students for First Quarter


Published: November 14, 2023 at 05:30 p.m.

By: Press Release from Jefferson-Lewis BOCES




Howard G. Sackett Technical Center: Students of the 1st Quarter, November 2023


During each quarter of the school year, the faculty at the Howard G. Sackett Technical Center recommends a student from their program for the honor of “Student of the Quarter.” These nominations are based on one or more of the following criteria: high academic achievement, great effort, great citizenship, vast improvement or positive influence on the class. In addition to receiving a certificate recognizing their achievement, each student’s picture is on display in the lobby of the Center. The members of the Faculty, Administration and Support staff wish to extend our congratulations to the first quarter winners.


Student Name, Program, (Home School)

·      Benjamin Webert, Auto Body Technology 2 (Lowville)

·      Ashton Harris, Automotive Technology 2 (Carthage)

·      Wyatt Planck, Automotive Technology 1 (Adirondack)

·      Elijah Hall, Carpentry 2 (Lowville)

·      Banyan Barker, Carpentry 1 (Lowville)

·      Angela Widrick, Cosmetology 2 (River Valley)

·      Lily Kloster, Cosmetology 1 (Beaver River)

·      Ayden Meleshchuk, Criminal Justice 2 (Lowville)

·      Arianna Fox, Criminal Justice 1 (South Lewis)

·      Jeanette Gifford, Culinary Arts 2 – Cooking (Adirondack)

·      Jonise Zehr, Culinary Arts 1 – Baking (Beaver River)

·      Cayley Hertel, Early Childhood Education 2 (Adirondack)

·      Emma Memery, Early Childhood Education 1 (Adirondack)

·      Issac Gibson, Electrical Wiring Technology 2 (South Lewis)

·      Jaden Morczek, Electrical Wiring Technology 1 (South Lewis)

·      Dayonte Donegan, Engineering & Design 1 (Carthage)

·      Brayden Monnat, Environmental Conservation & Forestry 2 (Beaver River)

·      Timothy Hutchins, Environmental Conservation & Forestry 1 (Adirondack)

·      Kaylee Gentry, Gas/Diesel Mechanics 2 (Lowville)

·      Devin Sauer, Gas/Diesel Mechanics 1 (Beaver River)

·      Wyatt Staring, Heavy Equipment 2 (South Lewis)

·      Logan Jordal, Heavy Equipment 1 (Copenhagen)

·      Claire Miller, Medical Careers (Adirondack)

·      Kadence Hirschey, New Vision Health (River Valley)

·      Alyssa Allen, New Vision Health (Carthage)

·      Scarlett Hawk, Nursing Assistant (Carthage)

·      Lillian Morrow, Transitions AM (Lowville)

·      Kendra Lehman, Veterinary Practices 2 (Beaver River)

·      Ava Johnson, Veterinary Practices 1 (Carthage)

·      Marlaina Warcup, Visual Communications 2 (South Lewis)

·      Leona Gohlert, Visual Communications 1 (Lowville)




Howard G. Sackett Technical Center Merit & Honor Roll – 1st Marking Period


During each marking period, Howard G. Sackett Technical Center students are recognized for their academic achievement with certificates for merit and honor roll. To qualify for merit roll, a student needs to earn an average of 88 – 91 with three or fewer absences. To qualify for honor roll, a student needs to earn an average of 92 or above and also have three or fewer absences. The faculty, administration, and support staff wish to extend our congratulations to the following recipients:


Merit Roll (88-91):

Jaiden Aucter, Diego Balderaz, Banyan Barker, Tristan Bonney, Phoenix Brown, Andrea Carman, Josephine Croniser, Kira Cullings, Carlee Davis, Sonia Delgado, Marcus Dobbs, Jade Dolan, Haydn Draper, Thalia Ferguson, Aarylin Fuller, Aryn Gardner, Isaac Gibson, Rozalyn Gordon, Taren Gracey, Elijah Hall, Mallorie Hastwell, Emma Hermanowski, Ayva Herzberg, Breandan Hoffman, Alannah Ingersoll, Indi Irizarry, Makayla Johnsen, Logan Jordal, Emily Korte, Axel Kristoff, Rodney Lagree, Lane Lovenduski, Faith Malott, Ayden Meleshchuk, Alexis Merlo, Carson Molnar, Jaden Morczek, Ethan Moser, Danika Moshier, Hannah Ostrander, Aiden Palczynski, Julea Parker, Jacob Peterson, Wyatt Planck, Ryken Pominville, Casey Powis, Conner Powis, Anthony Preston, Madison Rhubart, Melody Roggie, Michael Sage Jr., Bruce Sancomb III, Nevan Schermerhorn, Grace Scholler, Collin Schrag, Quinton Smiley-Lyndaker, Taci Smith, Collin Stanford, Zeb Stevens, Madison Stevenson, Justin Stiefvater, Lily Stone, Brenna Tabolt, Tehya Townsend, Charles Vonwal, Derek Walseman, Logan Watson, Alyssa Weiler, Angela Widrick, Bradley Wilcox, Matthew Young Jr., Angeline Zehr, Conner Zehr, and Jonise Zehr.


Honor Roll (92 and above):

Mallory Abel, Alyssa Allen, Ariana Archer, Brea Barrow, Brandon Beal, Isiahis Beauchamp, Kennedy Becker, Isabella Bergen, Daniel Bowen, Jude Bowers, Paige Broadbent, Alexa Brouty, Quenten Brown, Jaelyn Bura, Kylee Burke, Hayley Cabral, Cecelia Carbone, John Cavanaugh II, Jayden Chapman, Jonathan Clover, Grace Crauder, Brooke Cross, Grace Davis, Madison DeLorme, Elena Dickinson, Denali Dietrich, Dayonte Donegan, Isaac Edick, MaKayla Edick, Samuel Edick, Liam Escudero, Hailee Ferguson, Giovanni Foster, Arianna Fox, Carli Freeman, Leona Gohlert, Journie Graves, Kaylee Grimm, Kaylee Halteman, Ashton Harris, Scarlett Hawk, Cayley Hertel, Kadence Hirschey, Macey Hoch, Levi Hudson, Victoria Hudson, Austin Hungerford, Timothy Hutchins, Andrew Ielfield, Ryder Jantzi, Ava Johnson, Lillian Kaputa, Ian Kelly, Isabella Kelly, Jaidyn Kline, Lily Kloster, Aiden Korte, Kyle Lawrence, Kendra Lehman, Kelli Littleton, Dario Martinez Ramirez, Lilie Mattimore, Ethanyol Maurer, Adyson McFaul, Emma Memery, Alyvia Millard, Claire Miller, Alyson Monaghan, Aubrie Monnat, Brayden Monnat, Allison Moore, Ethan Moshier, Marina Munn, Geinavieve Narbone, Taylor Nortz, Amilin Onigkeit, Cadence Paragon, Shira Parnes, Avery Pate, Catherine Peer, Bella Perrigo, Veda Pitt, Layne Potter, Grace Putman, Sophia Ranieri, Hailey Reece, Jessica Reed, Rachael Reynolds, Ava Roes, Dominic Roes, Ronald Rogers, Anna Roggie, Paige Roggie, Delaney Rose, Kally Runner, Rachael Sadlowski, Loryn Schack, Adah Simpson, Alyssa Stalker, Wyatt Staring, Samantha Stokely, Patrick Sullivan, Madyson Swartz, Piper Szewczyk, Alexis Treadway, Lauren Ulrich, Ian Waite, Donley Wang, Marlaina Warcup, Keira Watson, and Breann Wood.



About Jefferson-Lewis-Hamilton-Herkimer-Oneida BOCES Jefferson-Lewis-Hamilton-Herkimer-Oneida BOCES (Board of Cooperative Educational Services) offers cost-effective shared services to 18 component school districts. These services include career and technical education course offerings as well as special education, instructional and administrative support services. BOCES also serves the continuing education needs of local business, labor and industries in the community and offers a wide range of continuing education opportunities for adult learners. Learn more at www.boces.com .





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