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Lowville Sees Above Normal Temperatures with Slightly Below Normal Precipitation During February


Published: March 02, 2023 at 02:00 p.m.

By: Nick Altmire



Lowville, NY- Overall, Lowville saw above average temperatures last month, with below average precipitation, according to weather data compiled from the Northeast Regional Climate Center (dating back to 1893).


February finished with a mean average temperature (cumulative highs and lows) of 23.5 degrees in Lowville, 4.4 degrees above the normal mean average temperature for February in Lowville of 19.1 degrees. In terms of ranking, it was the 15th warmest February on record. The warmest February on record for Lowville occurred in 1925, when the mean average temperature for the month was 27.9 degrees. The coldest February occurred in 2015, when the mean average temperature was just 3.6 degrees for the month. The highest temperature of the month last month reached 61 degrees on February 16th. The lowest temperature recorded last month was -26 degrees on both February 4th and 5th. The negative 26 degree temperature marked the coldest temperature in Lowville since January 8, 2018, when a negative 28 degree reading was recorded. It also ranked as the 14th coldest February day ever recorded in Lowville. The 61 degree reading marked the second warmest temperature ever recorded during February in Lowville, with only February 22, 2018 recording a higher February  temperature at 66 degrees.


February saw a total of 2.36 inches of precipitation in Lowville, coming in below the normal of 2.59 inches for the month. This ranks as the 59th driest February on record. The wettest February on record was in 1954, with 5.75 inches of precipitation recorded, while the driest February on record occurred in 1934, with just 0.41 inches of precipitation. Measurable precipitation was recorded on 14 days last month, with 8 additional days recording a trace amount. The most precipitation recorded on a single day last month was 1.02 inches, recorded on February 10th.


Lowville saw a total of 18 inches of new snow (included in overall total precipitation) during the month of February, well below the normal average of 29.6 inches for the month. The most snow recorded on a single day last month was 6 inches on February 23. Measurable new snow fell on 9 days last month, with 9 additional days producing a trace amount. The month started on February 1 with the snow depth in Lowville at 7 inches. Snow depth for the month peaked at 9 inches on February 2, before reaching 0 inches on February 20 and peaking again at 9 inches on February 26. The month ended with a snow depth of 7 inches on February 28. The record for February snow in Lowville occurred in 2006, when 57.3 inches of new snow accumulated during the month. The least snowy February occurred in 1999, with just 4.3 inches of snow accumulating. Last month ranked as the 49th least snowy February on record for Lowville.


2023 Average Mean Temperature and Precipitation Data for Lowville, NY









Mean Average Temperature (vs Normal)

27.1 degrees

(17.3 degrees)

23.5 degrees

(19.1 degrees)





Total Precipitation (vs Normal)

2.87 inches

(3.47 inches)

2.36 inches

(2.59 inches)



















Mean Average Temperature (vs Normal)







Total Precipitation (vs Normal)





















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