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County Legislative Committees Adopt Goals for 2023 Session


Published: January 19, 2023 at 08:30 a.m.

By: Provided by Lewis County Board of Legislators


Lowville, NY- The three standing committees of the Lewis County Board of Legislators each met for the first time in the new year on Tuesday, with each committee adopting the following goals for the 2023 session:


2023 Proposed Committee Goals


 General Services


1.    Monitor building renovation project

2.    Complete EMS Ad Hoc Committee and execute results

3.    Discuss and implement Central Lewis Water Study recommendations 

4.    Continue ATV lobbying effort, including trip to Albany

5.    Discuss and implement Ag Sustainability study recommendations  

6.    Advance Rails to Trails initiative

7.    Discuss solutions for recreation patrol

8.    Create plan for vacated courthouse space, including relocation of dispatch

9.    Research a plan for a countywide District Court



 Health and Human Services Committee:


1.    LCHS $30 million Renovation and Addition project

2.    Execute results of homeless housing options study in partnership with Snowbelt Housing and Transitional Living Services

3.    Continue childcare expansion initiatives 

4.    Mental Health Training for Law Enforcement

5.    Execute Community Health Improvement Plan

6.    Execute additional employee wellness initiatives

7.    Implement Jail MAT program

8.    LCHS Strategic Planning

9.    Work towards reopening maternity services at LCHS



 Finance and Rules Committee


1.    American Rescue Plan Roll Out (Facade, Broadband, Vacant Property, Post Graduate Fellowship, etc.)

2.    New Website Roll Out

3.    Regular updates for Audit, Budget, and Health Insurance

4.    Establish new long-term financial sustainability goals

5.    Establish tri-county land bank

6.    BOL Chamber renovation

7.    Facilitate Glenfield school reuse

8.    Enhance policies for solar development

9.    Fill vacant positions across county functions (including LCHS)


The three standing committees of the legislature meet on the third Tuesday of each month in the legislative chambers at the court house in Lowville, starting at 1 p.m. with the General Services committee and immediately followed by the Health and Human Services committee and ending with the Finance and Rules committee. Most all legislative action by the board begins in one of the three committees before moving on to a vote by the full board. Committee meetings are open to the public and are also streamed live on the County’s YouTube channel. Agendas for each meeting are posted here on linkinglewiscounty.com a few days before each meeting.







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