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DFC PROJECT COORDINATOR (Project Investigator)

Part time 30 hours per week



1.     Description of duties and responsibilities: The Project Coordinator will be charged with the day-to-day operations of the grant and Coalition to include but not be limited to:

       Budgeting, marketing, training of Coalition members, guiding the Coalition through the SPF process, completing reports, and ensuring compliance with grant requirements.

       Responsibilities include the maintenance of a Logic Model for the project which identifies community needs and connects them to a project Action Plan.

       Duties involve planning, implementing and evaluating environmental prevention and intervention strategies to reduce substance use among youth.

       Additional responsibilities include marketing environmental activities and communicating with Coalition members, parents and youth, school administrators, local media, and other community partners.

       Project management responsibilities include maintain contact with Federal Partners assigned to the project; participate in technical assistance meetings and webinars; prepare and submit required performance reports; prepare budgets and adhere to an overall project and yearly budgets; compile other types of information as required and requested to monitor the project; work with the local project evaluator to collect data and ensure that an evaluation is completed to specifications; use qualitative and quantitative data to inform a continuous improvement process; and ensure compliance with grant requirements.


2.     Qualifications for position: Minimum of a Bachelor's degree in public health or related field such as health education, administration, policy/planning, or in community/organizational psychology; demonstrated experience working with community and school programs designed to promote the positive development of youth; and 3-5 years project management experience involving community collaboration, public service agencies, law enforcement or other public or private entities in collaborative efforts to enhance community development and promote a safe and healthy community. Experience with large project management and evaluation desirable.


3.     Supervisory relationships: The Project Coordinator works collaboratively with members of the Coalition and MVPS, Inc. to ensure the proper and timely management of the DFC project.


4.     Skills and knowledge required:

       Knowledgeable about the Strategic Prevention Framework.

       Able to analyze and utilize data as part of the strategic planning process.

       Experience with web-based reporting systems.

       Familiar with environmental strategies for the reducing alcohol and substance misuse.

       Ability to initiate, plan, organize, implement, and evaluate community development activities.

       Able to identify and involve appropriate people in determining project directions and effectively participate in professional team efforts.

       Able to communicate effectively through oral, visual, written and visual channels as well as utilize computerized tools.

       Ability to utilize project resources within the community.


5.     Personal qualities: Able to work independently and must possess excellent communication and organizational skills.


6.     Amount of travel: Candidate should be able to travel locally as well as attend required DFC training events and annual conferences.


7.     Compensation: $16.87/hour, 30 hours per week, not to exceed $26,316 yearly. This is a contract position based on funding from the Drug Free Communities grant. Extension of the position will be based on continued grant funding.


Interested candidates should send cover letter and resume to jbeam@mvpsny.org or cforbus@mvpsny.org