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Village of Lowville Board of Trustees: April 20, 2022 Meeting Agenda


Published: April 20, 2022 at 08:00 a.m.

By: Meeting Notice/Agenda





April 20, 2022

4:00 p.m.




1.           Call to Order

2.       Pledge of Allegiance

3.       Orders of the Day:


4.      Approval of Minutes/Excuse Absent Board Members:

§  04/06/2022 Special/Organizational Meeting


5.       Approval of Vouchers:



6.       Unfinished Business:


a.       Five Streets / Utility Reconstruction Project:


b.       Phase II WWTP Upgrades:

§  Change Order #1 and #2


c.       Groundwater Well Development Project:


d.       Street Lighting LED Conversion Program:


e.       Rezoning of Industrial Zone Options:


f.        Comprehensive Plan:


g.       Lewis County Facilities Improvement Project- re: Lead Agency:


h.       Local Law Amendment – re: Waters Terrace Parking:


i.         Citizen of the Year Award:


j.         Tentative Budget for 2022-2023:


k.       Housing Authority Appointment:


7.      New Business:


a.       Kraft Surcharges:

§  March 2022 - $4,250 (Sewer)

§  March 2022 - $5,000 (Water)


b.       Budget Amendments:

§  Water Fund


c.       GIS Web-Based Hosting Agreement:


8.        Correspondence:


a.       RACOG – re: April Newsletter


b.       Office of the State Comptroller – re: Fiscal Stress Scores


c.       Susan Ross – re: Pickelball Court


d.       Lowville Fire Department – re:  Officer Approval & Chief’s Annual Report


e.       Lowville Elks Lodge – re: Flag Day


f.        Ryan Piche – re: Lewis County Community Cup


9.           Officers & Committee Reports:


a.       Village Attorney


b.       Mayor


c.       Clerk/Treasurer


d.       Chief of Police


e.       Superintendent


f.        Capital/Future Planning


g.       Personnel


h.       Finance


i.         Liaisons

-          Fire Department

-          Police Department

-          Planning Bd. / ZBA

-          Municipal Board

-          Town

-          County

-          Recreation

-          RACOG


10.          Public Comment:


11.          Executive Session:


12.          Adjournment:



§  The public shall be allowed to speak only during the Public Comment period of the meeting or at such other time as a majority of the Board shall allow.

§  Speakers may be required to step to the front of the room.

§  Speakers must give their name, address, and organization, if any.

§  Speakers must be recognized by the presiding officer.

§  Speakers must limit their remarks to 5 minutes on a given topic.

§  Speakers may not yield any remaining time they may have to another speaker.

§  Board members may, with the permission of the Mayor, interrupt a speaker during their remarks, but only for the purpose of clarification or information.

§  All remarks shall be addressed to the Board as a body and not to any member thereof.

§  Speakers shall observe the commonly accepted rules of courtesy, decorum, dignity, and good taste.

§  Interested parties or their representatives may address the Board by written communications












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