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Lewis County 2020 Census Self-Response Participation Rate by Town:
(Updated: August 04, 2020)

National Average: 63.0%      NYS Average: 58.7%      Lewis County Average: 41.9%
How to Participate in the Census:


By phone: 1.844.330.2020

By Mail: If you have the 2020 Census
questionnaire you received by mail or at
your door, fill it out and return by mail.
What is the Census?

The 2020 Census counts every person
living in the United States, as of April 1.
The count is mandated by the Constitution
every 10 years, and the results help to
shape your future in a variety of ways –
from determining the number of seats each
state gets in the House of Representatives
to informing decisions about how hundreds
of billions of dollars are allocated each
year to local communities for vital services
like schools, healthcare, roads and bridges
and emergency response.
 Make Sure Lewis County Counts!

Completing the census only takes a few moments and helps ensure Lewis
County receives its appropriate share of federal funding and representation.

If you haven't done so already, visit to complete the   
census online.
New Bremen
West Turin
(The town currently with highest self-response participation rate has their rate highlighted in green,
while the town with the lowest current self-response participation rate has their rate highlighted in red)
Message to Seasonal Residents from Lewis County Manager Ryan Piche
How is 2020 Census Data Used?
We'll be tracking Lewis County's progress in self-response participation rate
below by town. The township within Lewis County that has the highest
self-response participation rate will be awarded an honorary certificate to
commemorate their achievement!
We the people of Lewis County will
#ShapeTheFuture with the 2020 Census.
From disaster planning to small business
development, Medicare Part B to highway
construction, policymakers use census data
to plan and fund many programs that affect
rural communities.

Fill out the census today by calling
844-330-2020 or visiting
to complete the questionnaire
The 2020 Census decides how over $800
billion is distributed to communities across
the country based on how many people live
there. This money is used for important
things that make life better for you, your
family, and your kids for years to come.

Each person counted equals about $2,900
per year for their community. If just 100
people in your area don't participate, your
schools, roads, hospitals and other critical
services lose $3 million over the next 10

Help #MakeLewisCountyCount call
844-330-2020 or visit to
complete the questionnaire.
Did you know that census data helps
communities respond to natural disasters
and secure funding for hospitals and fire

Your community is counting on you. Call
844-330-2020 or visit to
complete the questionnaire.
Your voice counts to make sure we get the
federal money to support our local
communities. Census results affect planning
and funding for education—including
programs such as Head Start, Pell Grants,
school lunches, rural education, adult
education, and grants for preschool special

Call 844-330-2020 or visit
to complete the questionnaire.
YOU count! Every 10 years the results of the
census are used to reapportion the House of
Representatives, determining how many
seats each state gets. State officials use the
census to redraw the boundaries of their
congressional and state legislative districts,
adapting to population shifts.

Lewis County is counting on you for fair
local, state and federal representation! Call
844-330-2020 or visit to
complete the questionnaire.
Business owners rely on census results to
make decisions, such as where to open new
stores, restaurants, factories, or offices,
where to expand operations, where to
recruit employees, and which products and
services to offer.

The business community is counting on
YOU! Call 844-330-2020 or visit to complete the
questionnaire. #MakeLewisCountyCount
Help to shape your community’s future.
Several Community services use a
population count or estimate as a factor in
allocating funds or determining eligibility.
Programs like Head Start, School Lunch
Programs, Housing Assistance, Low-Income
Home Energy Assistance, and Community
Development Block Grants just to name a
few are affected by the census results.

Help #MakeLewisCountyCount Complete the
census questionaire by calling 844-330-2020
or visiting
Are there more cows or people in Lewis
County? We must all fill out the census for an
accurate count of people… We will consult
the farmers for an accurate cow count & get
back to you!

In the meantime, fill out the census: Call 844-
330-2020 or visit to
complete the questionnaire