Lewis County Launches Online Registration
Portal for COVID-19 Vaccine Appointments

February 18, 2021   03:30 p.m.
    Press Release from County of Lewis:

    Lewis County Provides Vaccination Update

    Nine weeks into the County’s COVID-19 vaccination effort, Lewis County is
    proud to report that 3,300 residents have received their first dose
    vaccination, and 1,688 have received their second dose vaccination.
    Seniors 65 years of age and older account for 53.5% of all first dose
    vaccinations in the County.  

    Comorbidities/Underlying Conditions Now Eligible
    On February 5th, Governor Cuomo announced that New Yorkers with
    underlying health conditions will be eligible for vaccination beginning
    February 15th. The Lewis County Public Health Department and area
    providers are prepared for this expansion. Individuals with Underlying
    Conditions who wish to be vaccinated in Lewis County will need to verify
    their eligibility by completing a personal attestation at the time of
    A letter from your doctor is not necessary.  

    A complete list of underlying conditions can be found attached to this
    release, and on New York State’s COVID-19 website. Individuals with
    questions about whether or not their medical condition qualifies as a co-
    morbid condition should contact their primary care provider.

    New Sign-Up Procedure
    Due to the small number of vaccines received by Lewis County each week,
    the County has established an online registration portal on the County’s
    website. Completing the online registration will place you on a waiting list
    held by Lewis County Public Health. As vaccines become available, Public
    Health will contact those on the list directly to schedule a vaccination

    For those without internet access, phone registration will be available
    through the Lewis County Public Health Department at (315) 376-5453.
    However, everyone is encouraged to assist their friends and neighbors
    without internet by registering them through the County’s online portal.

    This Week’s Clinics
    There is still no word from New York State about this week’s shipment of
    first dose vaccines, which has been delayed due to inclement weather
    nationwide. At this point, it will be unlikely that Lewis County will offer a first
    dose clinic this week, however, in the event the doses are delivered, those
    registered on the online portal will be contacted to schedule an

    Second Dose Appointments and Supplies  
    All second dose appointments are automatically booked during your first
    dose appointment. Supplies for second doses are separate and distinct from
    first dose supplies. To date, Lewis County has had zero issues with second
    dose supply. After you receive your first dose, you can safely assume your
    second dose will be available to you at your preestablished appointment.
    Hang On and Wear a Mask!  
    To those waiting anxiously for a vaccine, your patience is appreciated. We
    understand the registration system can be frustrating, but know that we are
    making progress. As we wait for more vaccines, remember, the best way to
    fight the spread of COVID-19 is to wear a mask, observe social distancing,
    and wash your hands.

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