Lewis County Band Undefeated
Nominated for Three Kindred Awards

February 19, 2021   02:15 p.m.   Updated: 02:45 p.m.   By: Nick Altmire

    Lewis County Band Undefeated Nominated for Three Kindred Awards

    Sposato to play at a Massachusetts music festival inspired Meredith to start
    Undefeated. Undefeated’s first two music videos amassed over 9,000 total

    "This band is Lewis County through and through and the group is so proud
    to represent Lewis County," said Anthony Hirsch of Fifth Dimension Records.
    "Undefeated isn't just your average local rock band, these youngsters are
    the definition of where hard work meets hard rock!"

    But don't try to box them into a single genre, they play a little bit of
    everything. This year they're up for not one, but three Kindred Awards -
    Rock Group, Original Christmas Song, and Cover Song! You can show your
    support by voting for them on the Kindred Awards website in each of their
    three nominated categories.

    This isn't their first nomination either. In 2019 they won the Kindred Award
    for New Group, landing them a performance at the award show in June of
    2020. Also in 2019, they lived up to their name and took home first place at
    the Jewish Community Center's annual Battle of the Bands, in Syracuse, NY.

    "It doesn't come as much surprise that a band with this amount of raw talent
    and dedication is turning heads and making an impact everywhere they go,"
    Mr. Hirsch noted. "And go they have, they've already played across the
    Northeast and they're ready to tour in 2021!"  

    From writing original songs to producing their own music videos, the band is
    a powerhouse of drive and charisma, according to a release announcing
    their nominations. Rest assured we can all be excited to follow this unique,
    female fronted trio as they progress and develop from what was once a
    garage band to a now award-winning band right out of the gates, the
    release states.

    What do they sound like? Take a listen for yourself! The songs
    encompass vibes of Alternative Rock, Metal, Pop and even Classical music.
    Tasteful tunes that you will find yourself singing in your head, and the oldest
    member is only 18! And yet one of the best parts of this group is how
    humble and charitable they are. Vocalist, Meredith Dunckel teaches music
    lessons, all three bandmates are avid members of their local church and
    community and they even contributed to raising $18,000 for UNICEF by
    performing at the Kids Rock for Kids international online concert last year.

    What's next for Undefeated? Stay tuned and find out! You can find their
    music and videos at www.facebook.com/undefeatedofficialmusic. You can
    also help them out by voting for them on the Kindred website for the Rock
    category, Original Christmas Song, and Cover Song.
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Undefeated is a teen rock trio, out of Lowville
and Croghan, NY. Meredith and Christian
Dunckel are 6th generation Lewis County
residents. Christian is a passionate soccer
player and jazz band performer for Lowville
Academy.  Ian Birk is an avid fisherman
anytime, anywhere, any season. Meredith has
always been passionate about music. She
began performing in the local Dramatastic play.
A surprise invitation from concert promoter Matt