LCHS Nursing Home Reports 10 Residents
and 8 Staff Members Currently Positive for COVID-19

November 17, 2020   04:45 p.m.   By: Nick Altmire
    Lowville, NY- Members of the Health & Human Services committee of the Lewis
    County Board of Legislators were updated on the current state of the COVID-19
    pandemic in the county during this afternoon's meeting.

    Lewis County Health System CEO Jerry Cayer told the committee that there
    were currently four COVID-positive patients hospitalized at the health system.

    Mr. Cayer said that a COVID unit has been created on one of the floors at the
    health system's residential healthcare facility (nursing home), with 10 residents
    currently positive for COVID in addition to 8 nursing home staff members. He
    noted that all of the positive cases reside on the same floor at the nursing home.
    There are currently 131 residents at the nursing home.

    Mr. Cayer said, in addition, there are currently 17 members of the health system
    staff that are currently in quarantine. Staffing levels are being evaluated
    regularly, with health system employees being reassigned to the nursing home
    as needed, according to Mr. Cayer.

    We've reached out for more information on the situation at the nursing home and
    will update if any additional information is provided.

    Public Health Director Ashley Waite updated the committee on the recent
    increase in cases in the county. Since October 19, 185 cases of COVID have
    been confirmed, with 19 patients requiring hospitalization, Ms. Waite told the
    committee. There have been 63 cases confirmed over the last week alone. A
    total of 25 cases have been associated with school districts over the last few
    weeks, Ms. Waite said.

    Since testing began in March there have been a total of 256 cases of COVID-19
    confirmed in Lewis County.

    County Manager Ryan Piche updated the committee on the county's "all hands
    on deck" approach to assisting Public Health in their contact tracing and
    quarantine calls. He explained how staff from all levels of county government
    have been used in various ways to help with the COVID-19 response.

    The committee also discussed the importance of wearing a mask, maintaining
    social distance and regular hand washing. Ideas were also discussed on how to
    best promote that message to members of the community.
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