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Lewis County Court Activity Report for October 16, 2020

October 17, 2020   03:30 p.m.   By: Nick Altmire
    Lowville, NY- The following plea and sentencing activity took place on Friday in
    Lewis County Court, with the Honorable Daniel R. King presiding:

    Andrea M. Cullop, 34, of Glenfield, was sentenced to a one-year conditional
    discharge on a charge of fifth-degree Welfare Fraud, a class A misdemeanor.
    Ms. Cullop pleaded guilty to the charge on December 19, 2019. She was ordered
    to pay $1,008 in restitution and $75 in court fees.

    Tyler L. Noftsier, 30, of Beaver Falls, pleaded guilty to a felony count of Driving
    While Intoxicated. Mr. Noftsier admitted to operating a motor vehicle on State
    Route 812 in the town of Lowville on February 18 after consuming alcohol. He
    was previously convicted of DWI in February of 2016, resulting in the felony
    count on the current charge. Sentencing was scheduled for December 11, when
    Mr. Noftsier is expected to receive six months in Lewis County Jail followed by a
    five year probation term.

    Skylar M. Willsie, 19, of Glenfield, was sentenced to a three year term on
    probation on charges of second-degree Criminal Trespass and Endangering the
    Welfare of a Child, both class A misdemeanors. Mr. Willsie pleaded guilty to the
    charges on September 4, admitting to unlawfully remaining in a dwelling in the
    town of Watson on March 1, while acting in a threatening manner in the presence
    of a young child. An order of protection was issued on behalf of four victims in the
    case and Mr. Willsie was ordered to pay $250 in court fees.