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Lowville United Methodist Church
Holding 'Share the Wealth Outreach' September 19

September 14, 2020   12:30 p.m.
    From the Lowville United Methodist Church:

    The Lowville United Methodist Church, N. State St. in Lowville, will be hosting a
    ‘Share the Wealth Outreach’ on Saturday, September 19th from 10 am-4pm.

    Instead of having a garage sale, we are having a one day give away of all items
    that we have collected for such an event.  Many items are available including
    clothing, kitchen, furniture, books, and more... and it all needs to go to good
    homes!  Help us out by stopping by 7622 North State Street, Lowville, from 10-4
    this Saturday and see if you, or someone you know, can use some of the items
    available. We are giving it away!  All items are FREE!  We hope to see you

    The LUMC Congregation