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Village of Lowville to Conduct Two
Public Hearings During June 17 Board Meeting

June 14, 2020   05:30 p.m.

    Public Notice:


    PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, that the Village Board of the Village of Lowville shall
    conduct two public hearings on Wednesday,  June 17, 2020 at 4:00 p.m. at the
    Village offices at 5535 Bostwick Street, Lowville, New York,  the second hearing
    to directly follow the first to consider the following local laws:

    1. A local law to amend and restate the definition of Junkyard found in
    Section 230 of the Code of the Village of Lowville, Zoning. (View here)

    2. A local law to establish No Parking on the East and West Side of Church
    Street. (View here)

    The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees shall resume after the close of the
    second hearing.  A full copy of the text of the local law is available for inspection
    at the Village Office during normal business hours.  All persons wishing to be
    heard on this matter should be present at the place, time and date aforestated or
    have submitted written comments in advance.  Any persons requiring special
    accommodations to attend or participate in such hearings should notify the
    Village Clerk three (3) business days prior to the meeting.