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Traffic Alert: Portion of Shady Avenue in Lowville to be
Closed to Traffic for the Weekend to Accommodate Outdoor Dining

June 05, 2020   02:00 p.m.   Updated: June 08, 2020   02:15 p.m.   By: Nick Altmire
    Lowville, NY- A portion of Shady Avenue in downtown Lowville will be closed off
    to traffic over the weekend to accommodate outdoor dining for local restaurants.

    Lewis County Manager Ryan Piche said the idea was to create a food court area
    where people could sit down to eat after ordering take out from local restaurants.

    None of the restaurants will be providing any kind of table service..

    Mr. Piche said that 25 tables will be set up in the area, donated by the Lewis
    County Agricultural Society. The County agreed to deliver the tables and they will
    be set up by volunteers. (Updated- An earlier version of this story said that
    Village crews would be setting up the tables. Village DPW Superintendent Paul
    Denise informed us that Village crews did not have any role in the set up.)

    Lewis County Economic Development and the Lewis County Chamber of
    Commerce assisted with the logistics of the plan, Mr. Piche said by phone.

    Set up will begin at 4 PM this afternoon, with Shady Avenue closed through 8 PM
    Sunday from N. State St. to the movie theater.

    Lowville Mayor Joseph Beagle said that he agreed to close off the street for the
    weekend after being presented with the county's idea and consulting members of
    the village board.

    The Lewis County Sheriff's office advises motorists to use extra caution when
    driving in the downtown area this weekend, as they expect a likely increase in
    foot traffic in the area during this time