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NY State Issues Guidelines for
Businesses Preparing to Reopen in Phase IV

June 24, 2020   06:30 p.m.

    New York State has issued guidelines for businesses preparing to open in Phase
    IV of the phased reopening of the economy. Phase IV is on track to begin on
    Friday, June 26 in the North Country region.

    Sectors of the economy permitted to open in Phase IV are included below, with
    guidelines that each business will need to implement for reopening included for
    each sector. Business owners will need to read and affirm the guidelines
    that pertain to their sector.

    For help determining whether or not your business is eligible to reopen, use the
    reopen lookup tool. You can also scroll down to find the guidance for each phase.

    From the website:

    The guidelines below apply to non-essential businesses in regions that are
    permitted to reopen, essential businesses throughout the state that were
    previously permitted to remain open, and commercial and recreational activities
    that have been permitted to operate statewide with restrictions. If guidance has
    not yet been published for your specific industry, but you are permitted to reopen,
    please refer to the NY Forward Safety Plan template.

    Phase IV Sectors (Click links for guidance for each sector):

    Higher Education

    Low-Risk Outdoor Arts & Entertainment

    Low-Risk Indoor Arts & Entertainment

    Media Production