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Lowville Youth Soccer Association Announces Online Youth
Soccer Activities; Soccer Ball Giveaway Set for July 7 at Fairgrounds

June 27, 2020   12:15 p.m.
    Press Release from Lowville Youth Soccer Association:

    Youth Soccer Online Activities and Soccer Ball Giveaway

    In the midst of the uncertainties surrounding the summer of 2020 the Lowville
    Youth Soccer Association (LYSA) board of directors knew that it would not be
    feasible to hold our season in the traditional sense and announced the
    cancellation of the season on May 14th.

    As a group there was a strong desire to still offer children and families the
    opportunity to enjoy the sport of soccer and continue to work on skill
    development.  LYSA typically holds approximately 10 sessions on Tuesday and
    Thursday evenings through July and early August.  In 2020 we plan to release a
    short video with suggested activities and training ideas to our Facebook page,
    which can be found at: LYSA (Lowville Youth Soccer Association).  A video will
    be released Tuesday and Thursday evenings starting on July 7th and going
    through the first week of August. Please join the Facebook page to participate.

    Recognizing the hardships many families are facing during this time the board
    also felt it was important to make sure each family has access to a soccer ball
    and made the decision to provide one free soccer ball to any family in need of
    one in order to participate in the summer activities.  Each family can keep the
    soccer ball they receive, LYSA does not expect them to be returned.  This is
    open to any family in need of a soccer ball but supplies are limited so this will be
    done on a first come first serve basis while supplies last.

    To accomplish this there will be a soccer ball giveaway at the Lewis County
    Fairgrounds on the evening of July 7th starting at 6 pm and lasting until supplies
    are gone.  This will be a drive-thru event outside the Forest Park Pavilion.  There
    will be one way traffic, please enter from Bostwick St. entrance proceed by the
    Pavilion where a soccer ball will be handed to you through the car window and
    exit onto Dewitt St.

    Please wear your mask.


    Facebook: LYSA (Lowville Youth Soccer Association)