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Pratt Northam Foundation Announces Suspension of
Workership and Careers Here Youth Employment Programs for 2020

May 20, 2020   01:00 p.m.
    Press Release:

    FOR 2020

    In these new and uncertain times that we are all facing with the Covid-19
    pandemic, the Pratt Northam Board of Directors has made the decision to
    suspend the Foundations Workership and Careers Here Youth Employment
    Programs for 2020.

    While the North Country region of NY has started the first phase of reopening,
    there is still much uncertainty as to when and how local businesses will be able
    to open. If things go well it will be weeks, if not months, before all phases have
    started up. At any time, setbacks can occur if virus levels spike. Because we
    take the health and wellbeing of our students very seriously and because
    of the uncertainty of timing with phased reopening, the Board of Directors
    has made the difficult decision to suspend the funding of these programs
    for 2020.

    The Workership Program was started in 1981 to replace the Foundations existing
    college scholarship program. The Workership Program would allow more
    students to earn money for college expenses while providing students with work
    experience in their area of study. The Careers Here Program goes even further
    because it is a student driven program and BOCES students are eligible to
    participate in this summer employment program.

    This year the Foundation sponsored 36 Workership (full and part time) positions
    at 24 sites and 18 Careers Here positions at a cost $181,559.69.  Sites funded
    for 2020 will have their positions grandfathered in for 2021.

    The Pratt Northam Foundation remains committed to these programs and the
    opportunities they provide, not only to the students but the community at large.
    The Foundations Directors are looking towards the future and working in ways to
    help these programs thrive.  For any questions or concerns please contact Karen
    S Petersen, Executive Director for the Foundation, (315) 804-0312 or email