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Lawn Display at Lowville Academy
Recognizes Senior Class Spring Sports Athletes

May 20, 2020   07:45 p.m.
    Lowville, NY- A lawn display at Lowville Academy & Central School has been
    created to recognize senior class athletes in spring sports that had their seasons
    cancelled this year.

    BASEBALL:  Damon Krop, Brett Myers, Nicholas Houppet, Klane Russell,
    Gavin Cherry, Sam Clark

    GOLF: Cooper Myers, Justin Zappala, Devin Runner

    Lacrosse: Nicholas Fanchini, John McCollum, Colby Bartlett, Devin Babcock,
    Chad Bach

    Softball: Alexia Wilmot, Alyssa Spence, Gabriella Frapper, Sydney Brown,
    Briona Mahoney

    Tennis: Brandon Phelps, Jared Ortlieb, Cody Hoffman

    Track & Field: Abygayl Lee, Peyton Myers, Hannah Freeman, Erica Zehr