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Guidelines Issued for Businesses
Planning for Phase I of Reopening on Friday

May 14, 2020   03:45 p.m.
    Lowville, NY- Businesses that are eligible in Phase I to begin reopening on
    Friday will have some guidelines to implement and affirm to (via state's New York
    Forward website) in order to be in compliance with the process.

    Business owners need to visit the NY Forward website for a list of specific
    industries eligible for reopening in Phase I, scheduled for Friday, May 15 in five
    regions of the state including the North Country. The website includes specific
    guidelines each industry much implement to be eligible for reopening.

    Businesses will need to read through and implement the guidelines for their
    specific industry and are then provided a link to "affirm that you have read and
    understand your obligation to operate in accordance with this guidance."

    Businesses in compliance with Phase I can begin reopening as of 12:01 AM on
    May 15, meaning they can be open for business on Friday.