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DEC Advises New Yorkers to Take Measures to Reduce Bear Conflicts

March 25, 2020   12:45 p.m.
    Press Release from New York State DEC:

    DEC Advises New Yorkers to Take Measures to Reduce Bear

    State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Basil
    Seggos today reminded New Yorkers to take steps to reduce conflicts with bears.

    "After a relatively mild winter, bears are emerging from their dens and have
    begun seeking out food sources," Commissioner Seggos said. "Unfortunately,
    people sometimes make it easy for bears to find food near their homes. Fish and
    Wildlife staff at DEC have received reports of bears getting into garbage and
    pulling down bird feeders to eat the seed. It's important that homeowners take
    measures to prevent bears from easily accessing these unnatural food sources."

    Feeding bears either intentionally, which is illegal, or unintentionally through
    careless practices around properties, has consequences for entire communities.
    DEC advises everyone who lives in or visits bear habitat, which is much of
    Upstate New York, to remove items that are attractive to bears. People should
    take down bird feeders by April 1, store garbage inside secure buildings, and
    feed pets indoors. These actions are necessary to live responsibly with black
    bears, protect people, property, and bears. Allowing bears to find food naturally
    keeps them out of trouble and reduces negative interactions with people and

    For more information about how to reduce human/bear conflicts, visit DEC's