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Video: Officials Deliver Message of Safety During
Lewis County Snowmobile Season Kickoff  Event at Edge Hotel

January 10, 2020   05:45 p.m.   By: Nick Altmire
    Lyons Falls, NY- State and local officials were at the Edge Hotel in Lyons Falls
    this afternoon for the annual Snowmobile Season Kickoff Event, where officials
    urge snowmobile enthusiasts to have fun, but to do so safely and responsibly.

    ""We want you to come here, we want you to enjoy our area, our businesses, our
    fine food, the great snow that we get, but we want you to do it safely, be
    respectful and look out for fellow riders," Lewis County Sheriff Michael Carpinelli

    After a deadly 2019 season, officials hope riders will heed their warnings. Speed
    and alcohol were the main contributing factors in many of the snowmobile
    crashes reported in New York State last year.

    There were 21 snowmobile related fatalities across the state last snowmobile
    season, with 7 fatalities in neighboring Herkimer County and 4 fatalities in Lewis
    County. Unsafe speed was a contributing factor in 16 of the 21 fatal accidents in
    the state, while alcohol was a contributing factor in 8 of the 21 fatal crashes.

    So far this season there have been two fatal accidents in the state. The Lewis
    County Sheriff's Office said there have been three crashes resulting in injuries
    this season in the county.

    Sheriff Carpinelli said he would like to see riders act responsibly and urge each
    other to obey the laws and not drive their snowmobiles after drinking too much.

    "We can have all the enforcement we want, but it comes down to personal
    responsibility and accountability," the Sheriff said.

    The Tug Hill region is well known for some of the best snowmobile trails in the
    Northeast, attracting riders from across the region.

    "If you are a snowmobiler that comes here, jeopardizes our trails, breaks the
    laws, jeopardizes the safety of other snowmobilers, we don't need you here, we
    don't want you here, stay on your own property," New York State Snowmobile
    Association Trail Coordinator Jim Rolf advised. "These trails have got to be safe
    for our families and everybody else out there."

    Riders were also reminded to respect landowners. If gates are up or trails closed,
    don't attempt to circumvent the barriers. Stay on the marked trails and don't drive
    through fields or other unauthorized areas.

    Another safety message was to remind riders that groomers always have the
    right of way.

    "Ride Right, Ride Safe, Ride in Control, Ride Like a Pro- not like you want to be
    one," was the message from Chris Skipper of the Turin Ridge Riders snowmobile

    All in all, the common theme from each speaker was to enjoy the sport and enjoy
    the area, just do so in a responsible and safe manner.

    You can see our full video with all remarks below: