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Lewis County Unofficial Election Results

November 05, 2019   09:00 p.m.   Updated November 06   12:45 p.m.   By: Nick Altmire
    Lewis County, NY- The following are UNOFFICIAL ELECTION RESULTS for
    Lewis County.

    There were 392 absentee ballots issued in the county, which won't be counted
    until Monday, November 18, that could impact some town races. (Note, this does
    not mean all people issued an absentee ballot will return the ballot.)

    Also, a number of races included write-in campaigns. Total number of write-in
    ballots cast will be listed in results, but a breakdown of write-in votes by name
    won't be available until Wednesday or Thursday.

    In contested races on the county level:

    Eric Virkler was elected the next Lewis County Treasurer, garnering 57% of the
    vote in a three-way race with Christine R. Schwendy and Denise Yost.

    In the race for District 1 Lewis County Legislator, former legislator Philip Hathway
    unseated incumbent John Lehman by a 285-213 vote count. There were only 39
    absentee ballots issued in this district, which wouldn't be enough to change the
    result. The district includes the town of Diana and the northern portion of the
    town of Croghan.

    In the District 4 Lewis County Legislator race, Ian Gilbert won the seat with 476
    votes with opponent Tom Schantz receiving 121 votes. The district represents
    the New Bremen area.

    In three town races, more write-in votes were cast than votes cast for the name
    on the ballot. We won't know the write-in breakdown for a day or two. This
    happened for Highway Superintendent in the Town of New Bremen, Supervisor
    in the Town of Watson and Justice in the Town of Greig.

    CONTESTED RACES (100% of Precincts Reported):

    Lewis County Treasurer:
    Christine R. Schwendy (DEM)-     974
    Eric J. Virkler (REP, CON)-        3,051
    Denise Yost (IND)-                     1,332

    Lewis County Legislator District 1 (39 Absentee ballots issued):
    Philip Hathway (OTH)-    295
    John V. Lehman (REP)-   223

    Lewis County Legislator District 4 :
    Thomas J. Schantz (FAR)-   130
    Ian W. Gilbert (REP, IND)-   512

    Town of Croghan Clerk/Collector:
    Megan Kalamas Simpson (DEM, IND)-   327
    Chelsea Lehman Cowan (REP)-             284

    Town of Diana Clerk/Collector:
    Janet Taylor (REP)-   211
    Tori Mashaw (DEM)-  169

    Town of Lewis Clerk:
    Olivia M. Fruin (UNI)-          48
    Heidi Fey Gerrard (REP)-   73
    Kolene Ettinger (FRE)-       43

    Town of Osceola Clerk:
    Alice Sterling (BAR)-                                 33
    Virginia "Ginny" Churchill (REP, TAO)-   100

    Town of Osceola Justice:
    William Currier (REP, WTR)-    102
    Cheryl Davis (TFC)-                    29

    Town of Greig Council (ONE SEAT):
    Donald F. Mallette (DFM)-   240
    David VandeWater (DER)-     84

    Town of Croghan Council (TWO SEATS):
    Derek M. Gage (DEM)-       228
    Thomas Kalamas (DEM)-   430
    John G. Jones (REP)-         373

    Town of Diana Council (TWO SEATS):
    Raymond Gregory (REP)-   275
    Kelly Ritz (REP)-                  145
    Ricky Taylor (DEM)-            225

    Town of Lewis Council (TWO SEATS):
    Cindy E Youngs (DEM)-              82
    Anthony Nellenback Jr. (REP)-   102
    Daniel Cihocki (REP)-                 112

    Town of Leyden Council (TWO SEATS):
    Fred Fox (REP)-                195
    Lois Compo (REP)-           224
    LeeAnne Greene (IND)-    124

    Town of Lowville Council (TWO SEATS):
    Steven Fuller (DEM)-       393
    John "JD" Ross (REP)-    692
    Ruth Laribee (REP)-        580

    Town of Lyonsdale Council (TWO SEATS):
    William "Bill" Roberts (DEM)-                107
    Brian Ouellette (DEM)-                            78
    Nancy O'Brien Dailey (REP)-                134
    Kathleen M. O'Brien Carreon (REP)-     143

    Town of Martinsburg Council (TWO SEATS):
    Darren "Bump" Jantzi (REP)-          177
    Kyle Smithling (FFU)-                        76
    Janusz "John" Karelus (REP)-        159
    Douglas Dietrich (WPO)-                  83

    Town of New Bremen Council (TWO SEATS):
    (27 Absentee Ballots Issued)
    Randy Aucter (DEM, YRC)-     230
    Alexis Lyndaker (REP)-            338
    Marcus Bush (FTT)-                 272
    Cassandra Buell (UNI)-            288

    Town of Turin Council (TWO SEATS):
    (5 Absentee Ballots Issued)
    Brian M. Mooney (REP)-   83
    Lydia Wojnowski (DEM)-   83
    Jane Gillette (REP, CON)- 135

    Town of Watson Council (TWO SEATS):
    Robert "Bill" Dosztan (DEM)-   129
    James Freeman (REP)-            219
    Michael Hanno (REP)-             259

    Town of Greig Highway Superintendent:
    Mike Alfano (NEW)-           162
    Kenneth Kirkbride (REP)-   215

    Town of Lyonsdale Highway Superintendent:
    Steven Weber (REP, PEV)-      177
    Theodore Mooney (PEC)-           91

    Town of Lewis Tax Collector:
    Christina Stinebrickner (DEM)- 93
    Tracy Yanik (REP)-                   73