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Lewis County Chamber of Commerce Announces 2019 Award
Recipients; Annual Meeting and Awards Ceremony Set for November 6

October 30, 2019   07:00 p.m.    By: Nick Altmire
    Lowville, NY- The Annual Meeting and Awards Ceremony for the Lewis County
    Chamber of Commerce will take place on November 6 at Tug Hill Vineyards. The
    evening will be a combined event of the Annual Meeting and the Business
    Person of the Year Awards Dinner.

    In August, an email was sent to Chamber members with a survey to allow the
    community to nominate the business/person of their choice in four different

    "The survey was left open for 45 days and at the closing the top
    businesses/agencies and individuals who received the most votes were
    submitted to the Chamber Board for an anonymous vote based on the members
    knowledge of the nominees and information provided from the survey," Kristen
    Aucter, Executive Director at the Chamber, said via email.

    The award recipient for each category, along with the nomination criteria for each
    category, are as follows:

    Citizenship Award: Gerald Haenlin
    Criteria: To be chosen based on a person’s contributions to the community.
    Survey takers were asked to name a person they felt was qualified for this
    award based on the following considerations: achievement, leadership,
    dedication, and motivation and to describe what contributions they have
    made for the betterment of Lewis County.

    Social Responsibility of the Year: Double Play Community Center
    Criteria: This business or agency needed to be a non-profit and, again, the
    survey taker needed to describe why they felt their choice was deserving of
    the award.

    Innovative Business of the Year: Miller's Meat Market
    Criteria: The description for this category was to choose a business that
    recognized product and/or marketing, sales, manufacturing, management,
    etc. innovation in the past year and to describe what made them innovative.

    Emerging Business of the Year:, LLC
    Criteria: The criteria for this category was a business that had began
    operations since Jan 1, 2014 and each survey taker was to describe what
    they felt the business they chose did/does to make it stand out from the rest.

    Comments from the surveys will be shared during the ceremony on November 6.
    The Chamber will also announce the runner-up in each category during the

    Congratulations to all of the nominees and award recipients! It is truly an honor
    for to be chosen as the Emerging Business of the Year!
    We would like to send a sincere THANK YOU to the entire community for your
    continued support!

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