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County Appoints New Director of Human Resources at Special Meeting

July 09, 2019   09:15 a.m.   By: Nick Altmire
    Lowville, NY- The Lewis County Board of Legislators gathered for a special
    meeting on Monday, with just one item on the agenda.

    The Board appointed Caitlyn Smith, of Turin, as the next Director of Human
    Resources/Personnel Officer for Lewis County by a unanimous vote.

    The appointment is effective July 22, and will fill the remainder of the six-year
    term of current Director of Human Resources Chris Boulio, who will be retiring on
    July 30. The term expires on August 18, 2023.

    Mr. Boulio has held the position since August 18, 2017, when the county added a
    Human Resources Director/Personnel Officer for county employees, minus the
    hospital. Prior to that there was one Human Resource Director that oversaw both
    Lewis County General Hospital and all other county employees. Both the hospital
    and County each have had a Human Resource Director since the split in 2017.

    Lewis County Sheriff Michael Carpinelli attended the meeting with two deputies.
    During the public comment portion he asked if the legislators would be
    discussing or taking any action on the Sheriff's Office budget situation. Larry
    Dolhof, Chairman of the Board, said the meeting was scheduled for the sole
    purpose of appointing the Director of Human Resources, and no other actions
    were taken.