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Lyons Falls Woman Admits to Stealing
Nearly $4,000 While Employed at Greig Store

June 07, 2019   11:30 a.m.    By: Nick Altmire
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    Lowville, NY- A Lyons Falls woman appeared in Lewis County Court this
    morning, with the Honorable Daniel R. King presiding, for an arraignment and
    plea in a grand larceny case.

    Lori J. Durham, 62, pleaded guilty to one reduced count of fourth-degree Grand
    Larceny, a class E felony. She admitted to stealing $3,954.97 in cash and
    product from the Greig Store, between September 19 and October 19, 2018,
    while working as an employee at the store. The New York State Police arrested
    Ms. Durham on a charge of third-degree Grand Larceny, a class D felony, on
    December 12.

    Sentencing was adjourned to August 2, when Ms. Durham is expected to receive
    a 5 year probation sentence and ordered to pay the full restitution amount.

    Also in Lewis County Court this morning:

    Ivan M. Herrera, 34, of Sackets Harbor, pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of
    Petit Larceny, a class A misdemeanor. Mr. Herrera admitted to making a mobile
    withdrawal from a closed Community Bank account in the amount of $2,497.81 in
    the village of Lowville on December 17, 2018. Restitution has been paid in full
    and Mr. Herrera was sentenced to a 1 year conditional discharge. He was
    additionally ordered to pay a $50 court fee.
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