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Video: Question and Answer Forum With
Both Candidates in Race for Lowville Mayor

March 09, 2019   08:30 a.m.   Updated March 11  08:00 a.m. By: Nick Altmire
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    Lowville, NY- We invited both of the candidates in the race for village of
    Lowville mayor to come in together on Thursday and sit down for an exclusive
    question and answer forum.

    Both candidates, current deputy mayor Joseph Beagle and director of Lewis
    County Economic Development and IDA director Eric Virkler, agreed to
    participate in this opportunity to discuss a number of topics before the March 19

    We are happy to provide village residents with this resource, to help them with
    their decision when heading to the polls to vote.

    The candidates agreed to the following format:

  • Each candidate started with a 90 second opening statement.
  • We then asked a series of ten questions, alternating who answered first.
    Both candidates were provided the questions the day prior, so they could
    have firm answers for their positions.
  • Each candidate was then given 90 seconds for a closing statement.
    The 10 questions posed to the candidates:

    Question 1: In your view, what does the task of mayor entail on a day-to-day
    basis, and what skills and experience would you bring to the position?

    Question 2: Do you feel Lowville is being well-served with a part-time mayor
    position and/or do you support creating a position to oversee day-to-day
    operations of the village?

    Question 3: What is the largest issue facing the village currently, in your opinion?

    Question 4: What infrastructure is in greatest need of improvement in the village?

    Question 5: As the County seat, Lowville is home to many employment,
    shopping, services, and other opportunities in Lewis County, not only for Village
    residents, but all County residents. With Lewis County being one of the few
    counties in the State that does not share sales tax revenue with the local
    municipalities, what role, if any, should the County take in assisting the Village in
    the upkeep of infrastructure to support these opportunities to all county residents?

    Question 6: How would you describe the current level of cooperation between
    the village and county, and what, if any, measures would you implement as
    mayor to ensure the proper level of cooperation.

    Question 7: Do you plan any cuts or additions to services for village residents (ie.
    Police department, parks, etc.)

    Question 8: How do you propose attracting businesses into the emptying
    downtown area?

    Question 9: How important is grant funding to completing infrastructure
    improvements, and how do you propose the village take advantage of all funding

    Question 10: Do you support looking into the cost benefits and researching the
    pluses/minuses of consolidating the village into the Town of Lowville?