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Some County School Districts Getting
Close to Allotted Number of Snow Days

February 08, 2019 08:30 p.m.   By: Nick Altmire
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    Lewis County, NY- With Lewis County receiving it's share of severe weather
    so far this winter, school districts throughout the county have faced some tough
    decisions when it comes to being able to safely transport area children to and
    from school.

    While the safety of the children is always the top priority, some districts are
    getting close to their allotted number of emergency snow days.

    We reached out to each of the county's five school district superintendents to
    see where each district stands with their remaining number of snow days. New
    York State requires each district to be in session 180 days each year, with
    district's building a number of emergency days into their calendars at their

    Lowville Academy & Central School had the fewest number of emergency days
    allocated among county districts, but has used the most. Of the six emergency
    days available, the district has used five, leaving just one remaining.

    Superintendent Cheryl Steckly said that although it is concerning that the
    district has needed to use most of their snow days so early in the year, there
    are a number of options if that number is exceeded.

    "Our students had a shorter Christmas break than some area schools, with our
    district scheduling the Friday before Memorial Day and the Monday after
    Easter as vacation days instead," Mrs. Steckly said. "If we do exceed our
    allotted number of snow days, we would likely pull from those days first before
    looking at our spring break."

    The Lowville district, serving the most students in the county, has some
    circumstances to contend with that others don't. With a portion of the Tug Hill
    located within the district, there are times when the weather in the village may
    be fine but conditions on Tug Hill can be completely different, Mrs. Steckley
    said, noting that the district must take the safety of transporting all students into
    consideration when making their decisions. The district also has a higher
    number of students that walk to school, compared to other districts in the
    county. The safety of those students getting to school must be considered as

    Both Beaver River and Copenhagen have used four of the seven emergency
    snow days they have allotted for the year. Beaver River superintendent Todd
    Green said that the district typically starts with spring break if the allocated
    number of snow days is exceeded. Copenhagen superintendent Scott Connell
    tells us that there has not been a decision made at this time where days would
    be added if the allotted number of snow days is exceeded.

    Harrisville superintendent Rob Finster said his district has used three of the
    seven days allotted, also noting that the crazy weather has forced the district to
    close early four times and delay opening three times.

    South Lewis seems to be in the best shape, with superintendent Douglas
    Premo telling us the district has used two of the seven snow days allocated. He
    is hopeful the district will not exceed their number of allotted snow days, with
    five remaining.

    One thing is for sure, local school districts are all hoping for an early spring!
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