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Important Tax Notice for Town of Diana Property Owners
01/02/19 04:00pm
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    Important Notice for Town of Diana Property Owners:

    Town of Diana property owners will be receiving corrected tax bills for the
    county/town taxes due 1/1/2019, replacing the bills that were just mailed out on
    December 28.

    The correction is necessary because during the dissolution process, the real
    property tax office software neglected to add the fire protection tax on the
    parcels that were located in the former village of Harrisville. This impacts all
    parcels, as parcels located outside the former village will see a slight decrease
    from the original bill, while parcels located within the former village limits will
    see a slight increase from the original bill.

    All Town of Diana property owners should disregard the December 28 bill and
    await the corrected bill before making any payments to the tax collector.

    The Lewis County Real Property Tax office will be mailing out new tax bills for
    all property owners in the town of Diana tomorrow. Owners will still be given
    the 30 day period to pay the tax without a penalty.

    If you have any questions you can call the Real Property Tax office at