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Cozy Country Corner in Lowville Donates
Portion of Holiday Sales to Local Agencies

01/05/19 10:00am         By: Nick Altmire
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    Lowville, NY- The Cozy Country Corner started what they hope will become
    an annual tradition over the recent holiday season.

    The retail store, located at 7608 North State Street, is a one-stop shop for
    primitive country decor. Within the store, you will find industrial modernized
    items, country pieces, along with Adirondack trinkets. The store includes a
    large selection of furniture, window treatment, and tabletop decor.

    Owner Hollie Powis and store manager Tricia Burker decided to start a new
    tradition for the 2018 holiday season. Using the power of social media, the pair
    created a "12 Days of Christmas" promotion that ran from December 10
    through December 22.

    Each day an item was posted on the store's Facebook page. Anyone who
    came in to make a purchase that day, large or small, was entered into a
    drawing for the free gift. The giveaways ranged from a fully decorated tree, to
    canisters, stockings, or a Christmas themed basket. The promotion was
    centered on the idea that a portion of each day's sales would be donated to a
    local charity at the end of the 12 days.

    With the first year of the promotion complete, Ms. Powis and Ms. Burker began
    the work of deciding which agencies they would like to support.

    "We decided together that we wanted to kind of touch base with a little bit of
    everything here in Lewis County- those in need, animal care, health/wellness,
    etc," Ms. Burker said. "With that in mind we decided to give $160 to each of the
    following non-profits plus, the largest festival held in Lewis County, the Cream
    Cheese Festival:"

  • Double Play Community Center
  • Lewis County Humane Society
  • Lowville Food Pantry
  • Lowville Cream Cheese Festival

    "Not only were we able to give back to these wonderful programs, we also
    were able to donate over 50 Christmas mugs to next years 'Santa For Seniors'
    program at the Lewis County Office for the Aging," Ms. Burker said. "It was a
    very rewarding and humbling experience and we are already thinking ahead
    with the hopes of growing this campaign during this year's holiday season," she

Vicki Meyer (L), from the Lewis
County Office for the Aging
, accepts a
donation of 50 Christmas mugs for the
'Santa for Seniors' program from
Tricia Burker (R), manager of the
Cozy Country Corner store in Lowville.