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Village of Lowville Proposes 5 Percent Water Rate Increase;
Public Comment Period Scheduled for December 19

12/05/18 05:30pm        By: Nick Altmire
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    Lowville, NY- A public hearing has been set for Wednesday, December 19,
    beginning at 4 p.m., allowing residents to comment on a proposed 5 percent
    water rate increase for all users of the Village of Lowville water system,
    including outside districts.

    If approved, the new rate would be effective for usage beginning May 1, 2019
    and would first appear on residential users' bills in November of 2019.

    The proposed rate increase comes at the recommendation of the Village of
    Lowville Municipal Board. A rate increase is proposed to help fund the
    infrastructure upgrades currently underway on the water system.

    A ten percent increase on both water and sewer rates in the Village was
    implemented effective last November 1st.

    Anyone wishing to be heard on the matter is invited to attend the public
    comment session, scheduled for December 19th at 4 p.m. at the Village office
    on Bostwick Street.