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Highlights and Video of Lewis County
Board of Legislators' December 4th Meeting

12/05/18 12:30pm
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    Lowville, NY- The Lewis County Board of Legislators held their regular
    monthly meeting last evening, with all members in attendance.

    All proposed resolutions were unanimously passed with the following

  • Resolution 432-2018, a resolution authorizing an agreement with the
    Martinsburg Historical Society to provide a one-time payment for $5,000 to
    be used for needed repairs to the historic building on State Route 26 that
    housed the first Lewis County Clerk's office from 1847 - 1864, was
    DEFEATED by a vote of 8-2. Legislators Greg Kulzer and Randy
    LaChausse were in favor of the move, with all others opposed.

  • Resolution 440-2018, authorizing agreements between Lewis County and
    various outside agencies, was PASSED by a 6-4 vote. Legislators Greg
    Kulzer, Bryan Moser, Jerry King and Randy LaChausse were opposed to
    the resolution, with the remaining six in favor.

    Public hearings were held on the topics of rescinding the local law passed to
    exceed the property tax cap for the 2019 budget (which wasn't needed) and the
    addition of the Rodman Runnalls property (on the Fitch Road in the Town of
    Leyden) to the Lewis County ATV trail system, with no participation from the

    Terrance Harris, JCC Associate VP of Workforce Development and Business,
    then presented a curriculum update for the Lewis County-JCC Education
    Center (video here).

    The floor was then opened to public comment. Jared Thisse, General Manager
    at Lowville Sport & Farm Equipment, spoke on behalf of area dealers urging
    legislators to table a resolution authorizing the purchase of an aluminum dump
    trailer for the Building and Grounds department at the County (video here).

    Mr. Thisse said he, along with Whites Farm Supply, Cazenovia Equipment and
    Logan's Silo, would like to see the County purchase equipment from local
    dealers when possible. Although none of the four carry aluminum dump trailers,
    Mr. Thisse thought the steel trailers they all offer would "get the job done."  He
    added he wasn't concerned that his company didn't get the contract, but that
    none of the Lewis County dealers did, pointing out that a similar situation
    happened earlier this year when the Sheriff's Office purchased a pair of UTVs
    from a dealer outside of the county.

    Buildings and Grounds Supervisor Matt O'Connor said two of the four dealers
    were contacted during the process of obtaining pricing for the dump trailer, with
    none offering a quote for the desired aluminum model, which he stated would
    have a longer lifespan and is a lighter weight than the steel version.

    Legislators ultimately approved the $10,525 purchase of the aluminum dump
    trailer, without further discussion, when the resolution came up for a vote.

    A motion by Legislator John Lehman, authorizing the Office for the Aging and
    the Community Services office to relocate to the Department of Social Services
    building, passed by a 9-1 vote, with Legislator Richard Chartrand opposed.
    The offices will be relocated to the space currently occupied by Cornell
    Cooperative Extension (CCE), with CCE relocating to the new JCC Education
    center on the East Road in January.

    You can see our meeting preview discussion with Lewis County Manager Ryan
    Piche here, highlighting some of the resolutions.

    Full video of last evening's meeting is included below.