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Election 2018: Lewis County Results
11/06/18 10:30pm
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    Lewis County, NY- Turnout was strong today as voters took to the polls
    across the county to cast their ballot in the General Election.

    Locally, most candidates at the town and village level were running unopposed
    for a variety of positions (full results here). The only competitive race was in
    the Town of Croghan, where three candidates were vying for two seats on the
    town council, with the following unofficial results (there are 76 absentee ballots
    issued in the Town of Croghan, which when counted could impact results for
    the second seat):

    John G. Jones (R-C)- 638
    Todd H. Lyndeker (D)- 425
    Derek M. Gage (D-I)- 397

    In the Town of Watson, voters soundly defeated separate propositions seeking
    to replace the elected positions of Highway Superintendent and Town
    Clerk/Tax Collector with board appointed positions.  Proposition 1 was
    defeated 381-196 and Proposition 2 was defeated 377-198.

    In the Town of Pinckney, voters defeated a proposition seeking to eliminate the
    elected Highway Superintendent position and replace it with an appointed
    position by a 74-25 vote.

    In the race for New York's 21st Congressional District, incumbent
    Congresswoman Elise Stefanik carried Lewis County with 70% of the vote, a
    little smaller than the 77% margin in 2016 and higher than the 63% in her 2014
    win. Democratic candidate Tedra Cobb won 28% of the Lewis County vote,
    with Green Party candidate Dr. Lynn Kahn receiving just over 2%. District wide,
    Stefanik is the projected winner, with 57% of the vote.