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DEC: Illegal Burning Leads to Deer Case in Town of Pitcairn
10/10/18 05:00pm
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    From NYS DEC (DEC ECO Highlights for Late September):

    Illegal Burn Leads to Deer Case - St. Lawrence County

    On Sept. 28, ECO Scott Atwood was on patrol in the town of Pitcairn when he
    noticed a strong odor of burning debris that seemed to be coming from behind
    a camp. When ECO Atwood reached the camp, he observed smoke coming
    from an ATV trail. There were also bags of corn stacked up on the ground and
    in the back of a pickup truck and a bow case sitting on top of the bags. The
    officer followed fresh ATV tracks from the camp, which led him to a smoldering
    pile of debris, including empty corn bags. ECO Atwood continued past the
    debris and reached an elevated enclosed hunting stand. He observed a
    hanging feeder and watched as an individual exited the stand and disappeared
    into the woods with a rifle slung over his shoulder. The subject appeared to be
    tracking an animal. ECO Atwood approached the man and after a short
    conversation, determined he had killed a four-point buck with a crossbow over
    an area baited with corn and apples after legal shooting hours. The deer was
    recovered and seized and a total of six tickets were issued to the man for killing
    deer except as permitted, hunting deer pursuant to a bow stamp while in
    possession of a firearm, hunting deer with the aid of bait, taking deer other than
    during permitted hours, taking deer by a means not specified, and failing to
    carry his hunting license and tags. ECO Atwood returned the next day and met
    with the property owner who admitted to starting the fire that had drawn the
    officer's attention. One ticket was issued to the property owner for unlawful
    open burning of refuse material. The deer was donated to a local community
ECO Atwood with seized four-point buck