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County Legislators Decide Against Moving Forward
With Plan to Eliminate Elected County Treasurer Position

11/06/18 11:30pm
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    Lowville, NY- By a 9-1 vote, Lewis County legislators decided against moving
    forward a proposal to eliminate the elected County Treasurer position in favor
    of an appointed Director of Finance. Ultimately, District 4 Legislator Bryan
    Moser was the only vote in favor of moving the proposal to a public referendum.
    The vote took place after the board held a public hearing on the subject, where
    a number of residents spoke out against the proposal, including former County
    Treasurer Vicki Roy (see video here).

    During the public hearing, Denise Yost, a Senior Account Clerk at the
    Treasurer's office, announced her intention to run for the position as a
    Republican candidate in the 2019 election. Current Treasurer Patricia O'Brien
    announced in August that she would be retiring at the end of her term and will
    not seek re-election.

    Full video from the meeting is included below: