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Beaver River American Legion Post's Banner Project Receives
Unexpected Donation from Second Graders at Beaver River Central
10/29/18 06:15pm           By: Nick Altmire
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    Beaver Falls, NY- Beaver River American Legion Post 1663 Auxiliary member
    Mary Meyer was invited to present a lesson on community service and
    volunteering to second graders at Beaver River Central school recently. She
    was overwhelmed with emotion when, at the end of her presentation, the class
    took over with their own presentation- a $600 donation to support the Legion's
    Banner Project in Croghan.

    Earlier this summer members of Post 1663 hung three banners, (pictured
    below) on utility poles in the Village of Croghan, to honor three young men in
    the area that lost their lives in the Vietnam War- Ronald G. Hack, Thomas H.
    Kloster, and David G. Ritz.

    Mrs. Meyer said was invited by second grade teacher Miss Nortz to speak to
    the class after the students wanted to learn more about the banners that were
    starting to appear on the utility poles in Croghan of our American Heroes.

    During her presentation to the second grade class, Mrs. Meyer explained who
    those American Heroes were on the banners, and how it has been over fifty
    years since those soldiers made the ultimate sacrifice for our country in the
    Vietnam War.

    "Ronald G. Hack, Thomas H. Kloster, and David G. Ritz, we will always
    remember," Mrs. Meyer told the class. "We remember their mothers also, and
    they are the ladies that are called our Gold Star Mothers," she explained.

    Mrs. Meyer used the opportunity to discuss three core principles of the
    American Legion family with the students- Americanism, Veterans Affairs and
    Rehabilitation, and Community Service. She explains her presentation in
    further detail here, in a summary sent to us for this story.

    At the conclusion of her presentation, Mrs. Meyer was shocked to learn that the
    students had a presentation for her.

    "Six students got up in front of the class and did their own presentation,
    thanking me for coming there and telling me about what they have been doing
    to raise money," Mrs. Meyer shared. "All of those children did odd jobs around
    their homes and in the community- from helping do the laundry, feeding the
    family pet, raking yards, to washing dishes, setting the table, and so on."

    "All of the second grade students at Beaver River Central School raised money
    for the project and presented me with a poster of how they proudly honor 'The
    Heroes in Our Community', and a check in the amount of $600.00, in which
    they would like donated to the banner project," said Mrs. Meyer. "Although
    emotional, I managed to respond with a heartfelt thank you."

    Mrs. Meyer said the money will be used to honor additional veterans by
    creating more banners to hang, which come at a cost of around $300 each.

    For more information on the banner project you can contact Beaver River
    American Legion Post 1663 at 315-346-6414.

Signature Card from Second Grade Students at BRCS