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JCSO: Castorland Man Fails to Stop at Red Light Causing Accident
That Leads to a Vehicle Crashing into a Tree, Porch & Utility Pole

08/04/18 05:00pm
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    Adams Center, NY- The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office responded to a motor
    vehicle crash at around 6:52 on Friday morning, at the intersection of State
    Routes 11 and 177.

    Deputies say Kevin C. Brown, 51, of Castorland, was travelling west on State
    Route 177, driving a 2010 Chevy van- registered to Aries Chemical in Beaver
    Falls, when he failed to stop at the red light and entered the intersection.

    A second vehicle, a 2005 Ford four door sedan driven by Sandra J. Smith, 60, of
    Adams Center, was travelling south on State Route 11.

    Deputies say Ms. Smith's vehicle was struck by Brown's as she proceeded
    through the intersection. Brown's vehicle came to a rest in the intersection, while
    Smith's continued south, hopped the curve, struck a tree and continued on and
    struck the porch at 13215 State Route 11 and then continued on down the
    sidewalk where it struck a utility pole before coming to a rest. Deputies said
    Smith was unsure if she continued to accelerate or not following the initial
    collision. A diagram of the accident from the Sheriff's Office is included at the end
    of the article.

    No injuries were reported by Brown or a passenger in the van, while Smith
    reported some pain in her lower right arm, but expressed  no other injuries.

    Brown was ticketed for failing to stop at a red light. Both vehicles were removed
    from the scene by Load's Wrecker Service.