Drive-Thru Chicken and Biscuit
Dinner Scheduled for March 10 in Lyons Falls

February 18, 2021   09:15 a.m.
    Community Event:

    The next drive-through Chicken and Biscuit dinner at St. John's Catholic
    Church in Lyons Falls will be March 10, 2021, with pick-ups beginning at
    4:30 p.m.  Dinners consist of Chicken and homemade Biscuits, Gravy, real
    Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Cranberry Sauce and dessert.  Dinner
    cost is $10 for adults; $6 for children 6-12 years.  To insure your dinner
    ahead of time, please call 315-348-8945 or 315-348-8577 to order.  
    Please leave a message with a phone number.  That day, you can call the
    church hall at 315-348-6599. There are limited dinners, so make sure you
    call today!!!!  Deadline for pre-orders is March 5th.  Deliveries are
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